The Basics Of Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar joints in masonry construction, which have widened due to weathering or deterioration of the mortar over time. When brick or stone masonry begins to show signs of deterioration, it’s often the mortar holding the bricks or stones together that needs repair. But if the mortar is ignored, problems with the brick or stone may develop later on.

When mortar begins to flake and fall away from the brick, it is a sign that your mortar needs repair. Chunks of missing mortar are also an indication that repair work is needed. A simple test to determine if your mortar needs tuckpointing involves running a key across it. If the mortar falls off in small pieces or as powder, it’s time to contact a professional.

Tuckpointing Chicago – or repairing the mortar in brick or stone walls – can save a building from structural damage and preserve its aesthetic appeal. As with many building maintenance tasks, it’s much more cost-effective to conduct regular tuckpointing than to wait until extensive masonry repairs or replacement are required.

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