Roof Replacement Palatine | Ridged Roof Repair

Roof Repair or Replacement?                

First, is it going to cost you more, in the long run, to keep making costly roof repairs than to bite the bullet and do an entire roof replacement Palatine? In most cases when a roof is nearing the 15-20 year mark, it’s best to do a roof replacement. Plus, there are other perks a new roof provides.

The aesthetics and curb appeal. Nothing looks much worse than having an old roof, shingles curling up, broken off, missing. A new roof installation Barrington gives your whole house a “new” look.

With a new roof installation, you get new underlayment, a new drip edge, flashing, ridge caps. All that helps further insulate your roof, lowering your energy costs.

Finally, the peace of mind that your roof, ceilings, and floors are protected from leaks and costly damage when storms come. All things considered, a roof replacement Arlington Heights is the right step!

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