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Tuckpointing – What is it and how it’s done?

Tuckpointing Park Ridge contractors will often use a method of enhancing the appearance of brick called tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is removing an outer layer of the mortar joint, replacing it with a mortar that is very similar to the color of the brick, then putting a thin line of putty that is a contrasting color of the brick. Tuckpointing Highland Park service gives the appearance of a small, very tight mortar joint. 
For example, if the house is bricked with red brick, tuckpointing would involve grinding out the old mortar joint to a uniform depth and refilling the ground out area with mortar dyed to match the color of the red brick. The tuckpointing Barrington service actually culminates when the mason grinds out a thin groove in the new mortar and fills that with mortar that would match the original mortar that was taken out of the bricks. This is tuckpointing, or among some masonry circles simply “pointing”.

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