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At Garelli Paving Companies in Palatine, we believe that working together as a strong team brings only the best results. Since our founding, we’ve been providing our Palatine customers with the finest quality paving services that include driveway sealcoating, parking lot striping, repairs, and much more. We serve both local residential and commercial clients and the project size is irrelevant. Whatever service you need us for, our courteous staff is just around the corner with precious advice and long-standing experience. Our team is second to none in professionalism and knowledge of the industry. By using only the highest quality materials and tools, the job is always finished thoroughly and on time. This is also true for these painters Palatine from a befriended to us company. Take care about your asphalt condition and decide on our driveway sealcoating or other services in Palatine! The pricing is competitive and estimated individually. 

The Benefits of Brick Repair and Restoration – Father & Son Masonry Inc.

The Benefits of Brick Repair and Restoration

Stonework maintenance is essential for any infrastructure, whether it is for a residential or commercial property. Despite this fact, there are still property owners out there that do not prioritize repairs and maintenance as they should, leaving their buildings damaged and deteriorated quicker than usual.

All this headache and stress could be easily prevented if addressed immediately. However, this only involves tuckpointing and masonry in Chicago. Chimney repairs in Chicago are a different story. Chimneys are self-sufficient structures but without the proper support, it could lean away due to poor foundation or it could collapse over time. All of this calls for masonry repairs and tuckpointing work by experts in Chicago.

For your peace of mind, our company hires the best tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to take care of your brick walls. We leave your home or office in better condition than it was before, not only with more durability but also with a fresher look. We provide masonry repair and tuckpointing services in Chicago to solve the following common infrastructure issues:

Leaning is a clear sign that you need to call expert masonry contractors in Chicago as soon as possible. Watch out for leaning issues, whether you see it happening on an entire part of a wall or the chimney alone. For issues like this, get in touch with our chimney repair experts in Chicago and have your chimney issues fixed within the same day.

Aside from leaning, there are many factors you can blame for wall cracks. This could be the result of a poor foundation, design flaws, settlement, or simply deterioration over long time use. Always consult expert tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to diagnose the problem and know the best solution for it.

Chimney repairs in Chicago are a part of brick masonry work. Chimneys require sufficient support since these are longer and slimmer than other structures, which makes them unique to treat and maintain. Once you spot your chimney leaning away or having structural damage, call our masonry contractors in Chicago immediately, so we can get to work as soon as possible.

Unsecured walls need urgent renovation. This is known to be a fact. Good thing we have the best masonry repair and tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to take care of your residential or commercial property. You should always secure your walls, whether you are restoring an old building or renovating a portion of your house.

On the other hand, property leakage has various sources. Whichever the cause may be, this can quickly lead to deterioration if ignored for too long. But rest assured our expert tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can provide waterproofing services to fix your residential or commercial property, and leave it looking better than before.

Our masonry contractors in Chicago also effectively remove stains on your brick wall to make it look fresh and brand new without replacing your entire wall. This does not only leave you with a better looking brick wall, but keeps it in tiptop shape.

Our company is already known for reliable and long lasting masonry repairs, tuckpointing, and even power washing services in Chicago. On top of that, we also commit to indispensable quality by using the best materials possible. We use a variety of materials to meet the standards of the project you need. These materials include terracotta, concrete, various stones, lintel, and a whole lot more.

Have peace of mind knowing we use the best materials to complement the projects we work on. For any tuckpointing work, masonry repair, or power washing in Chicago, you can trust our company to deliver. Let your search for the best tuckpointing company in Chicago lead to us.

Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago – TopLine

Get amazed with the incredible masonry and tuckpointing in Chicago! TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors is the company that made the small local masonry market revolution. From the very beginning, they presented the greatest level of service that is incessantly growing. Many people look for such a dependable service for a long time – it’s within your reach now.

These contractors can easily provide you with professional masonry repair and masonry restoration in Chicago. Their paramount advantage is working in accordance with the latest techniques and standards. They use only the highest quality mortar which makes their projects last for years. Contact them also for reliable chimney repair and tuckpointing in Chicago. Only the job that is done right will be accepted here. The team is customer friendly and will answer all your questions. You can be sure that entrusting your brick walls into their hands you’ll get the highest level of masonry service in Chicago. Isn’t it what you expect?

The Difference Between Tuckpointing and Repointing

Most people don’t often stop to appreciate the majesty of a beautiful brick building or wall. While over time wind, rain and hail can cause masonry in Chicago to deteriorate, there are some things that can help restore that beauty back to its original form to look great and to remain water tight.

Tuckpointing and repointing are two terms that are often used interchangeably to describe a process that restores mortar joints to repair a problem. Professional masonry contractors in Chicago understand, though, that there is a difference between the two processes.



The process that actually repairs damaged or crumbling mortar joints between bricks is called “Repointing.” This process is designed to fill in any gaps and completely restore the structure for a sound waterproof barrier.

Masonry contractors are very much accustomed to this type of work, whether it is on commercial or residential buildings, particularly on chimneys. As the highest point on a home, a chimney tends to be exposed to much more severe weather, so repointing is often a great way to repair the damage.



While tuckpointing is similar to repointing, there is a major difference. Tuckpointing uses two different colored mortars that complement each other and the bricks on the structure. This allows the new mortar to blend in seamlessly with the bricks, while also providing a contrast within the mortar. This contrast makes the brickwork pop, for a visually appealing look.

As you can see, the objective of both repointing and tuckpointing is to repair or restore a brick structure. Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago, however, go that extra step to also give the wall a fresh new appearance.

Both will help a building last for generations, but tuckpointing will give it a little boost in appearance that is similar to using high-end bricks without the need for an expensive total brick replacement.

Difference between masonry repair and masonry restoration | W&M Builders Chicago

W&M Builders Provide the Masonry Experience & Knowledge on All Facets of the Job

W&M Builders Masonry & Tuckpointing is a multifaceted company that specializes in masonry repair and restoration in Chicago. Masonry contractors have the skill and knowledge needed for the right job and work on both residential and commercial properties. A company that has been around since 1986 can distinguish the difference between masonry repair and masonry restoration on any building. Therefore, you can be sure that our masonry contractors in Chicago provide detailed, high-quality workmanship on the brickwork for your property.


W&M Builders, the Masonry Experts in Repair & Resoration in Chicago

If your property needs masonry repair in Chicago, it means that it has cracks, is chipping off, or has missing bricks. Masonry repair means taking only the damaged pieces off the building and replacing them with new bricks that coincide with the existing brickwork. If the only masonry repair work you need to be done is to fill in the cracks, then the masonry contractors will fill it in with caulking. This is the least expensive option of the two. The job can also be done quickly and efficiently as opposed to restoration.

This company can also complete masonry restoration projects no matter how big or little the project is. If your property is damaged or worn, we can restore the bricks to look new again. Our masonry contractors have worked with all types of bricks to bring them back to their original beauty. Masonry restoration in Chicago takes the damaged bricks and replaces the entire area with age-appropriate bricks to ensure the property matches its history. This job cost more and is not as quick and efficient as a simple repair of a single area. Our masonry contractors will guide you through the repair or restoration process.


Masonry Repair Chicago | VOYTEC Masonry Contractor

Professional masonry contractors to do the job

Masonry makes versatile and charming addition to any property. Think of brick walls, siding, paths, patios and many more. However, there is one caveat to that statement. It has to look its best. Crumbling mortar and broken or missing bricks not only look bad by themselves but also exacerbate feeling of desolation. Fortunately, Most of such masonry problems can easily be remediated without necessity of knocking down and rebuilding whole construction. If you think that I’m going to convince you to do the whole thing yourself then that’s not the case. With vast majority of such problems, you should decide on professional masonry repair from Chicago. But where to find appropriate masonry contractors? Local companies, operating in your proximity are good starting point. For one thing, it’s easier to schedule brickwork repair when workers don’t need ages to get to your place. For another, it’s good to have experts at hand in case of some urgent fixing.


Finding expert masonry contractors made easy

Choice of local masonry contractors is practical but it doesn’t automatically translate into hiring professionals. So what does? Experience and Quality of their work. Sounds obvious but how can a layperson gauge such criteria? Ask contractors about all of the masonry repairs in Chicago completed to date. The more the better as this is the experience part. Assessing quality is less straightforward. Portfolios available on masons websites as well as some photographic evidence from different jobs (if company is willing to share it) are good indicators of quality as far as more obvious brickwork problems are concerned (cracked or missing bricks, crumbling mortar etc.). Results are easily measurable at least in terms of precision and esthetics. For more thorough assessment, head to reviews sections (preferably published on independent pages), where homeowners post details of rendered masonry repairs and masonry contractors overall professionalism.


How do you know if your masonry needs tuckpointing?

The importance of tuckpointing

You need to be aware that even if your masonry building was made very well and you are still really pleased with its appearance – it can actually needs some renovation. The most common created damage is worn mortar joints (the portion of the cement that you can see from exterior of building) it creates because of the water getting inside of masonry work. To prevent this from happening and to maintain the durability and water-resistant nature of masonry work the needed repair is tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is done to extend the life of your building. It is always necessary at some point and includes the actual process of taking out the old impacted mortar and replacing it with new mortar. It sounds really simple but it is not. Luckily there is a lot of skilled masonry contractors in Chicago that will be happy to help with it.


Signs that your masonry need tuckpointing

For most building or brickworks you can go even ten decades without needed to tuckpoint, so if you bought an older home or just live in the same location for years you should sometimes look for the indicators that suggest your moasonry building needs repair. The most common sign of deteriorating integrity in the masonry can be a weathered or flakey mortar also if you see cracked or missing mortar – the tuckpointing is definitely recommended to you. Another really importany signal is mismatched coloring in the mortar. When you saw that thing you need to be aware that tuckpointing was already done in the past in a inappropriate way and it should to be re-done. These signs you can simply see but another way to determine if tuckpointing is needed is by taking a key or screwdriver and dragging it across the mortar joint. If it scratches up powdered material, then you know you are a candidate for tuckpointing Arlington Heights. Of course you should do this work sooner rather than later because the problem will get only worst.



Try fixing your concrete stairs yourself

Concrete steps and driveways are commonly used in many building entrances due to their durability and undeniable resistance. But even though they can last a long time, especially outdoors they are prone to deterioration due to the changing weather and heavy foot traffic. If you own cement stairs and they are starting to fall apart, you may feel tempted to look for concrete steps repair in Chicago. But even a person with no previous cement experience can handle a repair of concrete steps. It isn’t too complicated and you can get nothing wrong, because you have broken stairs already, haven’t you?


Concrete steps repair is easier than you think

Let’s get started and clean the stairs – remove old loose cement by chipping it off with a hammer and cold chinsel. Make sure that the surface is as smooth as possible. You can drill some holes and screw tapcon screws, they will act as anchors for the new cement. When you are done with that, you may want to use a bonding adhesive if the new layer of cement is going to be quite thick. The adhesive will make the new layer stick to the old cement. The next move is to make a wood form by cutting a piece of board that is at least the height of the step and as long as the step. Then place the form against the step and secure it in place with some cinder blocks. Prepare all the needed tools to work with concrete before you mix it. You will need a steel trowel, a level, edging tool and a sponge. If you’re ready, mix the concrete following the instructions on the box. When the consistency is like a thick cream, scoop the cement into the form, then level it out with a trowler, round the edges with edging tool and smooth it out with a sponge. Congratulations, you have fixed concrete steps yourself! Driveway concrete Chicago can be fixed the same way!


Find out more about masonry work!

masonry chicago

It’s the highest time to start our new adventure with some topics that may interest you. From the articles posted on this blog you will learn a lot of necessary information about masonry- what it practically means? You’ll find the answer to this question and many others in the next texts.

If you’re wondering which of the local masonry contractors choose, we will try to do everything in our power to help you make the best decision. We will take into account all aspects such as affordable price, quality of used materials, opinions about these companies and the speed of their work. Cooperation with the masonry contractors will also be an important element which we will check carefully.

There are many questions that can be given a good enough and interesting answer. I would like to show you amont others how to repair masonry cracks or how to build a brick masonry wall. Tuckpointing is another topic that we will use on our blog. If you want to know what methods are exerted by tuckpointing Lombard specialists, be sure to follow our posts!

Encourage everyone to a joint trip on interesting topics of masonry and reviews about it, tuckpointing and guides Do it yourself!